The RESEARCH CENTER OF BIOPOLITICS (RECEBI) is established in the Department of Sociology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, the Center serves teaching and research needs in the interdisciplinary subject of social philosophy and history.

Article 2: PURPOSE

The Center aims at:

  • The design and development of specific research inter/multi/intra scientific programmes, specialized in a) political and social philosophy, b) comparative cultural analysis, c) economic and historical
  • The development of Bioinformatics as software products and other high-tech, to support the Biopolitical analysis and relevant supportive and advisory
  • The support for postgraduate studies and postdoctoral research, who conducted at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, as well as in affiliated Universities and research centers in Greece and
  • The support, at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, of teaching and research needs of the Department, as well as relative academic units of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, in issues that fall within the topics of the Centre.
  • The design and organization of seminars, focusing on the concept of “biopolitics”, “bioinformatics” and “innovation policy”.
  • The cooperation with other educational, research and scientific institutions, public and private, in Greece and abroad, on subjects of common interest, such as those described in paragraphs 1-5.
  • The promotion and dissemination of the research results via special publications (regular, hard copied, electronic) and
  • The reception of postdoctoral researchers from Greece and abroad, with a view to reinforce their research interests, as described in paragraphs 1-5.

To achieve the purpose the Center:

  • Conducts studies, write and submit proposals for the preparation of research projects, which are related to areas of scientific interest for the Centre.
  • Produces original research outputs and provides services related to its R&D
  • Promotes the development of relations and collaborates with other research centers from Greece or abroad which perform similar or related activity.
  • Prepares scientists and technicians in its fields of
  • Organizes scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, and other scientific events, as well as carries out
  • Acquires the necessary technological
  • Develops any other activity related to its
  • Provides services to individuals and to every legal form of organisations, in accordance with Presidential Decree 159/1984 (Α ́ 53).
  • Establishes an
  • give support of the individual and b) the technology of “biopolitics” power which corresponds to the raise of the modern and liberal State, regarding the management of mass phenomena associated with the
  • The connection of “power” technology with the liberalism and the biopolitics, having as a scope of analysis the population control, through a “Governmental Oligarchy”, which is based on the naturalistic support and market
  • The correlation of the theories of ‘intergovermentalism’ and its evolution, as a “mental” tool (before and after the European enlightenment), with the economic-historical, political and cultural development – considering the population
  • The search for at least one ‘intellectual’ tool of political economy as a “formula”, “as a form of rationality that allows the intergovernmental discourse to be restricted”, as a reaction of “organization, distribution and limitation of powers”.
  • The focus on concepts, utilities, limits and ambiguities of the term “Biopolitician”, in the field of gender and


The Center is staffed by:

  • Members of the academic research staff (Faculty, DEP) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, whose academic discipline is within the research subjects of the
  • Members of the Laboratory Teaching Staff (E. DI. ).
  • Members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (E.t.e.p.).
  • Postdoctoral
  • Academic Fellows,
  • PhD
  • Every other category under the


The Center is managed by a seven member Committee appointed by the Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences, after the recommendation of the Assembly of the Department of Sociology and after the proposal of the General Sociology sector. The Committee has a three-year duration, which may be renewed by the decision of the Assembly of the Department and proposal of the Steering Committee.

The four Members of the Committee are faculty members of the Department of Sociology, of all levels, and the fifth member is a PhD candidate of the Department. During the meetings of the Committee doctoral researchers can participate, without the right to vote, who collaborate with the Department of Sociology.

One of the faculty members of the Steering Committee can be appointed by the Senate of the University of social sciences, as Director of the Center, upon the recommendation of the Assembly of the Department of Sociology.

The period of the Centre Director is three years and can be renewed by the decision of the Senate. In case of resignation or departure of the Director, the new Director is defined for the whole duration.

The Director’s responsibilities are indicatively describe below and any other are addressed from the Senate of the University:

  • coordination of teaching (undergraduate − master’s) and research projects of the Center
  • preparation and submission of the annual programme of the Centre to the Senate and the care of its adherence
  • compilation and submission of an annual report to the Senate, concerning the activities of each academic year
  • care for staffing, financial management and the allocation of premises of the Center
  • appointment of supervisors concerning supplies of the Center
  • signature of official papers

The Director can introduce towards the Assembly of the Department of Sociology the Scientific Committee comprised by faculty members with similar disciplines from Panteion University or other Universities (domestic or foreign), to support the scope of the Centre.

The Director should submit, at the beginning of each academic year, a report of executed and provisional activities to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


The Biopolitics Research Center is staffed by:

  • academic members of the sector of General Sociology, Department of Sociology,
  • faculty members from other sectors, where the subject of research is relevant,
  • faculty members of other departments of the University and other universities, as well as foreign lecturers in related subjects,
  • faculty of the postgraduate program of the Department of Sociology,
  • PhD candidates, postgraduate students of the Department and external partners, that their academic interests are in connection with an ongoing investigation or
  • Academics, professors, postgraduate students, PhD candidates, upon the relevance of their subject to the thematic fields of the Centre, can register as members, after their request and approval by the Committee,


The Centres premises are those which are licensed by the Panteion University for the conduct of its work, and in particular the electronic equipment for the preparation of research projects and seminars (: DESKoi building, 4th floor, Office D2). On the specific room there will be a sign with the title and logo of the Cen- tre.

The Director is responsible for the overall operation of the Center, its supplies, the residency of staff, students, guests on the premises, as well as the protection of the institutions and facilities of the Centre.

The use of the Centre’s equipment is allowed only to personnel or other researchers, who have a special training on these instruments and are authorized by the Center.

With the recommendation of the Director to the competent bodies of the Faculty and the school it is allowed to recruit scientists on subjects related to the teaching and research activities of the Centre, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4009/2011.


The revenues of the Centre can be derived from:

  • The implementation of research programmes carried out from its own or assigned by a third partner
  • The allocation of research and scientific
  • Any provided services, in accordance with article 3 § 3 of the Presidential Decree 159/1984.
  • The inheritances, donations to Panteion University of social and political sciences for the purposes of the Center
  • From any other source that is not contrary to the law


For the operation of the Centre the following books and records must be kept:

  • Book assets,
  • Annual financial information book,
  • Incoming and outgoing document book,
  • List of books, journals,
  • Filing of research projects,
  • Personnel book

Under the decision of the Director, the Centre may keep every other book or item that is considered by any legal framework or it is necessary for the efficient operation.


The following books and records shall be kept for the needs of the Centre:

  • asset records,
  • financial records for each year,
  • a protocol of incoming and outgoing documents,
  • a list of scientific books, journals and instruments,
  • records of research projects,
  • a register of staff changes.

By decision of the Director, any other book or item provided for by special provisions or deemed necessary may be kept.


The Centre is dissolved by a decision of the University Senate, which is taken by a qualified majority of 2/3 of its members, following the agreement of the General Assembly of the Department of Sociology, which is also taken by a majority of 2/3 of its members. In all other respects, the provisions of the General Regulations for "Centres" shall apply.


These Special Regulations may be amended or supplemented by the same procedure (decision of the University Senate following a recommendation of the Department of Sociology and a proposal of the Centre's Steering Committee).

The Steering Committee may draw up Internal Regulations to regulate specific procedures and issues.